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A Few of My Favorite Things: The Cleaning Addition

Thanks to the Coronavirus and spending basically all day every day at home, just like everyone else, I have been doing all sorts of cleaning. Not only have I scoured every surface, but I have also been getting rid of old products that are out of date or that I no longer use.

A couple of weeks ago I posted this picture on Instagram with the caption that I was about to tackle cleaning out from underneath my sink. It was more like opening Pandora's box. As embarrassing as it is, I have to admit that there were all sorts of old, dried up, out of date cleaning products that I had to throw away. There were not full containers of anything, but clearly there were some products that I had used once or twice and they didn't perform so they were left in the back of the cabinet in their own little graveyard. Ha!! Anyway, after I threw all that away, I was left with just the things I use daily. There is no doubt that some of these products you are familiar with and use yourself, but hopefully there is something new and useful that you might want to incorporate. This is not a sponsored post.

First on the list are these disposable silver wipes which I use on all things silver including jewelry!! You just wet, rub the tarnish away and then toss the cloth. They can be purchased here.


And after. I was able to clean this coffee pot with just one cloth. At $6.99 a box these are economical and much easier than using the traditional silver paste. I do rinse my silver with warm water and then dry with a clean cloth to make sure all cleaning solution is removed.

Would you believe that I used my first Mrs. Meyers product in December when a friend of mine gave me some dish soap for Christmas??? I know, I'm REALLY late to the party. I hate to admit it, but I had never given them much thought. I figured they were probably just another over priced product that smelled great and was just an average cleaner. Boy was I wrong!!!!! The dish soap prompted me to try several other products, and now I'm hooked. The candles are great too. Lemon Verbena is my scent of choice.

If I had to pick one of the products that is my favorite (and I'm glad I don't have to), I think it would have to be the surface scrub. It doesn't scratch, is great on kitchen sink and bathtub stains, and is very fragrant. The concentrate is great on tile floors, but I have not tried it on our wood floors. I have not yet tried the laundry detergent or the dish detergent. Anyone have feedback on those??? These six products are reasonably priced and can be found at Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc. I bought my locally at Walmart and Target.

This cleanser was a staple for my grandmother and I can't imagine trying to clean without it. I use it on my cookware, copper and brass pieces, old hardware, and a whole host of other household items.

I even clean these old brass lamps with Bar Keepers Friend. It can be found at about any grocery store and is less than $3 a canister.

Another one of my grandmother's favorites and mine too!! Not only does Old English cover scratches, it is like a big drink of water for old, brittle and dry wood. I use it on my antiques a twice a year just to restore their luster. The darker shade obviously covers scratches better than the lemon oil cover.

I primarily use Simple Green outdoors, however I have been known to wipe down our interior brick and some grungy tile with it. It works great on patio furniture, outdoor pillows, garage doors, and exterior windows. I usually buy this product at Walmart or Lowes.

So this is obviously not a cleaning product, but it sure does make cleaning soiled fabric easier. I have always been a Scotchgard fan, but the Heavy Duty Water Shield is the premier product for me. I use it indoors and out. Not only does it repel water and stains, it also protects outdoor cushions from fading. I buy this at Walmart although I'm sure Lowes and Home Depot carry it as well.

I hope this post has been helpful and hopefully I have shared a product or two that is new to you and can make your cleaning chores easier. Have a safe and blessed weekend at home.

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