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Happy Wednesday friends. I have to confess that I have been dragging in the New Year. I think I may have expressed this before. I'm not sure why, but when the Christmas Decorations came down, so did my motivation to decorate, fluff and basically put my house back together. Am I alone in this?? I don't know about you, but I tuck lots of tchotchkes away to make room for the holiday decor, and pulling all of those things back out, cleaning the surfaces where they all go, was just a bit overwhelming to me....... until yesterday when miraculously my mood changed and I was finally motivated to tackle several neglected areas. I didn't buy anything new, except plants, I just rearranged and swapped out pieces of furniture from one room to another.

In my husband's hunt room, I added some plants from Wal-Mart to this dough bowl along with some Spanish moss from Hobby Lobby. New plants give everything a fresh look. I'm considering replacing the drapes. I have enjoyed the large check, but they are really old and starting to show their age. Thinking about solid natural linen much like the ones in my living room. What do you think??

I picked up this cute vase at the antique mall for $10, perfect for a hunt room.

I found this old bamboo shelf on my recent trip to Round Top. I have yet to really style it, but this spot in the sunroom is just perfect for it.

I recently made new pillow covers and a table topper out of some vintage Schumacher fabric. I will switch them out again when it's spring, but for now, the gold is perfect for the winter months.

I also moved this little table, previously in my bedroom, over by the door. Not sure it will stay there, but for now it works.

I temporarily added hurricanes to the mantel, and while it is a little minimalistic for my taste, I do enjoy the glow of the pillars in the evenings.

I gathered lots of blue and white vases and jars and decided to group them on the living room mantel.

The large ginger jars that were once on the floor, were relocated to the chest on either side of the fireplace.

During the holidays, I added serving pieces and stemware so that this bookshelf could serve as a beverage station.

I moved this large Vietri rooster, previously in the kitchen, into the dining room.

I moved this foot bath from the living room to the dining room and added some new plants. Fresh green plants make everything better!!

A dear friend gave me this beautiful MacKenzie Childs pedestal for Christmas. It's perfect for the center of the kitchen great piece with endless decorating possibilities.

Well that is all the progress I have to share at this point. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will revisit again soon!



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