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Christmas Home Tour: Sunroom and Huntroom

Hello and welcome back as the Christmas tour of our home continues.

While I am mostly ready for Christmas, I am still feeling like there is much to do. I'm still waiting for a few packages to be delivered, which means more wrapping. I have a big grocery store run still left to do, stocking stuffers to buy, and then begins the cooking......sigh. Don't get me wrong, cooking for my family is my love language, but let's face it, it's work!! But aside from my to-do list, the decorating is complete, so let's get back to that.

I have shared before that the sunroom used to be our playroom when the kids were still living at home. It is the room where we spend the bulk of our time as it has a wood-burning fireplace ( which my husband loves), it's right off our kitchen, has lots of windows, and is just cozy (which I love).

I know not everyone is a fan of colored lights, and this is the ONLY room in the house where I use them, but they are a bit of a nod to the way I grew up and to my grandmother who loved colored lights, specifically the big bulb ones. Some rooms they work in, and I feel like this is one of them. The needlepoint stockings were lovingly made by my mother in law. The Santa is vintage, the stars are a couple of years old from IKEA. You probably can't really see them, but there are MacKenzie Childs (all gifts) ornaments in the garland. The deer head in the middle of the garland and the large glass ball in the corner of the mirror was gifted by my friend Lisa who is a very talented painter. Our TV is located on the wall just to the left of the mantel, and not the prettiest part of the room, Ha!

We like to put a live tree in this room and decorate it with all of our kid's Radko ornaments. The basket skirt was purchased a couple of years ago from Hobby Lobby.

One thing new this year is I hung ribbon (Hobby Lobby) on these two doors that we never close, and then attached Christmas cards to the ribbon with staples. It's a fun way to display them so everyone can see all the beautiful photos. I used to have a big wire circle, but it takes up so much space and unless it was completely full of cards, it wasn't that attractive. Definitely one of those decorative items that I could live without!!

I know I have said before that my husband, son, and daughter are all hunters. I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but we live in Texas, and it's a thing. The next room is my husband's room, he would say his ONLY room in the house, and well I will just leave it at that. While I add touches here and there, I leave the majority of the decor in this room to him. I will say, I'm hoping to replace the buffalo curtains in the Spring. They are 23 years old and it's just time.

This is an artificial tree that is decorated with ornaments that the kids made in school or at church, and also ornaments from the places that we have traveled.

Interesting tidbit, the large Santa (his head is turned) and Mrs. Claus are the first Christmas decorations I bought the year we were married. They plug in, the candle lights up and they move about. They are from K-Mart, I know they are cheesy, but I love them and hope they last forever.

This is a great close up picture of our tree and all the homemade and fun ornaments that we have collected over the years. It goes without saying that the ones our kids made with their pictures are by far my favorite.

That's a wrap for today. Thank you for checking in and please stay tuned as I continue to share a few more indoor spaces along with our outside decor in the next few days!! As my mother used to say, "Only 4 more sleeps until Christmas!"



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