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Christmas Party Favor for Ladies

Christmas is the season for entertaining family and friends. It's a time for good food, meaningful fellowship and hopefully lots of fun. That being said, it's also a time of doing something a little "extra" for those your are welcoming into your home. One of the challenges of entertaining, is finding a party favor that is seasonal, unique, and within budget, which I also refer to "cheap and cheerful". Everyone enjoys candles, hand lotion, cocktail napkins and baked goods, however, for my most recent gathering I was not feeling the least bit inspired by any of the above. Without much of a plan, I decided to visit our local TJMaxx. I was discouraged with what I wasn't finding, until I was in the check out line waiting to pay for wrapping paper.....

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a Christmas notepad. While the design was cute, I was concerned about the paper quality and the ordinary packaging. With my fingers crossed about the paper quality and a few ideas of how to dress up the presentation, I decided to purchase ten. (FYI the paper quality was great).

I gathered some cute ribbon from JoAnn's, a candy cane, and a sprig of boxwood in an effort to fluff the notepad. Again, it's all about a little "extra" and the presentation.

I began by cutting the ribbon evenly for the nine notepads. I tied the ribbon on and then added a drop of hot glue to secure the boxwood to the ribbon, and then another drop of glue to secure the candy cane to the boxwood. I then finished it off by tying a bow. Super easy and inexpensive. This took me all of maybe 20 minutes.

My guest had a fit over the notepads. They added a nice decorative touch beside each place setting and I had the satisfaction of giving a party favor that was cute and practical.......for it is the season of making a list and checking it twice!! Thank you for stopping by. Please check back tomorrow as I share my Christmas table decor for my most recent gathering.

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