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Cottage Patio Tour

In yesterday's post when I shared the plate edging project, I also shared how gardening is in my blood. Growing up, I remember my mother and grandmother putting lots of time and energy into their plants and flowers. I grew up in Arkansas, where we spent long days outside and any evening the weather was favorable, outside on the patio. Even when my grandparents moved from their farmhouse to a condominium, my grandmother spent hours fussing over her plants and the overall decor of her small outside space. Those are fond memories that evoke a sense of peace and tranquility for me. When things get chaotic, I retreat to the great outdoors. Something about nature, in general, is soothing. Being outside calms my mind and refreshes my soul.

I'm guessing most people, like myself, think of their outside space as an extension of their home. It's a place to escape the busyness of everyday life. A place for casual dinners, and a place to relax. It's a retreat for ourselves and the people we love. It's also a great place to express your personal style, which for me is collected and non-fussy.

This is a small garden where four different varieties of roses are planted. The concrete piece was once the burial marker for my husband's childhood dog. Garden statues along with trellises are a great way to add cottage charm.

Feeders, birdhouses, and birdbaths welcome feathered friends. Oh, how I enjoy the chirping of the birds and the fluttering about of hummingbirds.

Mismatched pieces, with cushions covered in different prints, makes for comfy seating. The two pink chairs belonged to my grandmother. The glider was purchased from GrandinRoad several years ago. I made the cushions, which are covered in last year's lemon print from Joann's. The pillows and throw are from Target, also from last summer.

Two sets of old patio furniture makes it easy to seat ten for alfresco dining. Both started out green, then were painted black, and now a cream color. The large one we received when we were married 28 years ago, and the smaller one belonged to my parents. I repaint them about every two years with a sprayer and a special outdoor, oil-based paint. It is a task that I do not enjoy!! The cushions are from Target, also last year.

I love listening to the windchimes that were a gift from my father, and the sound of this fountain that belonged to my parents.

Last, but not least, flowers. I love mixing different kinds of flowers with herbs and vines. I'm a big fan of sweet potato vine and creeping jenny as their growth adds a pretty cascade to planters. And the lemon tree planted with mint, my favorite. Some day I will share how this tree inspired the creation of my blog.

I apologize for this last photo, clearly I have not yet mastered the photography part of blogging!! Also, I just noticed the flagstone is in need of power washing. Yikes!! Does anyone know of a good cleaning solution???

As always, thank you for checking in. I hope you have been inspired to enhance your backyard and patio with things that speak to you. Whatever you love, give it a home in your outdoor space!!

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