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Five Fall Favorites

It's share day. While some of the things I am sharing are not unique to fall, I discovered them in this season, and let's face it, Five Fall Favorites has a nice ring to it. I started to add Friday to the title but decided that was just TOO much of a mouthful, LOL!

While I am a Walmart Affiliate, all opinions are my own, and all of these products with the exception of one can be found at other retailers. I purchased and paid for all five of the following items. Disclaimers, don't you love them?? Moving on to the good stuff.

I bought this pair of black flats from Nordstrom back during the anniversary sale, but I wasn't able to find them on their website so they may have sold out. The toe is narrow, so if you purchase, you might want to order up a half size. The tortoise buckle adds a sophisticated touch. I have worn them with jeans and skirts.

The Perfect Black Flat by Sam Edleman can be found Here and Here.

Nothing sets the tone like a brand new fall candle. I love this scent and hope to purchase the disinfectant spray also, but it seems to be sold out many places that I have looked.

This Apple Cider soy candle from Mrs. Meyers can be found Here and Here.

This Gain laundry detergent with essential oils is great for linens and delicates. At $9.99, it is a bit pricey for every load, but I think it's totally worth it especially for sheets and towels. I'm sure it can be found in most grocery stores, but can also be found Here and Here.

This vacuum is great for floors, rugs, and picking up pet hair. For $99, it is a bargain and has been a great replacement for my Oreck. I also like the bagless feature. It's not too heavy, comes complete with attachments, and has a nice swivel to it. You can purchase the exact version Here and a similar version Here.

This "Go Get'Em Dress". Growing up my mother always had a couple of dresses on hand that she would throw on to drive carpool or run to the grocery store, and she referred to them as go get'em dresses. Clearly this was back in the day before everyone wore yoga pants everywhere. I bought this dress back in the summer in the hot pink and the black, and then this fall in the pewter and army green. At just over $13, it's cheap and cheerful!

Well there you have it, five of my favorite things, found in fall, Friday posted! What fun things have you found this fall??

Have a fabulous, fall weekend!!

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