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French Provincial Chest Makeover

It’s a Monday and I realized it’s been a while since I shared a makeover of a painted piece of furniture.  The chest that I am sharing today I found this past week on FB Marketplace.  I’m always on the hunt for French Provincial furniture simply because it sells so well in my retail space and I usually find those coveted pieces on marketplace. If you are new to shopping on FB, you can read about my helpful hints here.

This piece is in great condition, meaning the drawers and glides are working as designed.  I don’t enjoy replacing metal glides and I enjoy the plastic ones even less!   Now that I think of it, that’s always a good question to ask when you are buying used furniture with drawers, "Are the drawers in working order and do they glide easily?" 

I removed the hardware and sanded a couple of rough places with a sanding block.  I then wiped the chest down with warm soapy water.  

I painted the body first with Kilz Chalk Style Paint in Platinum Ring.

While the first coat of the body was drying, I painted each drawer with a coat of Waverly Chalk Paint in White. 

After cleaning the hardware with soapy water, I applied 2 coats of Rustoleum Spray Paint in Vintage Gold. I waited about 2 hours between each coat. I could not find a link for the Vintage Gold, but I bought mine at Home Depot.

I ended up applying 3 coats of paint, allowing an hour drying time between each coat.  I waited until the next morning and applied 2 coats of this Polycrylic protective finish.  It dries almost as quickly as the chalk paint.  Later in the afternoon when I knew the finish was dry, I reattached the hardware and went around the edges of the top and down around the feet with a little bit of Rub n'Buff in antique gold. To my knowledge, Hobby Lobby is the only place that carries Rub n'Buff. If you ever find another source, please let me know! I don't have anything against Hobby Lobby, it's just nice to have two sources!!

Yes, another piece of furniture saved!!  It’s so satisfying to give something old a new look.  Do you have a piece of furniture that needs a makeover??  If you are stuck with a color choice or where to begin, email me as I would love to help!!   

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Krista Mullen
Krista Mullen
01 ago 2022

Great post, thank you.

Me gusta
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