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French Provincial Tall Chest Makeover

As promised, I have another furniture makeover to share with you on this Monday. While this is another French Provincial piece, I did reverse the colors from the pieces I featured last week. I'm hoping this piece sells as quickly as the two pieces from last week. Because many of the pieces I paint are for resale, I try to paint with the customer in mind rather than myself. Where my retail space is located, white painted furniture still sells.

Due to the weather, I was forced to paint indoors again, hence the plastic drop cloths and my helper Phoebe. Not sure if you can see in the picture, but the drawers have lots of sticky spots on them.....perhaps kid stickers at some point?? I treated those spots with Goo Gone, which worked like a charm. I assume everyone is familiar with Goo Gone, but if you are not, it's a life saver if you have children, work with paints and glues, etc. It is easily found at your local hardware stores or Walmart. I then removed the hardware, lightly sanded the drawers and chest, wiped everything down with a damp cloth followed by a tack cloth.

I next applied one coat of my favorite Zinsser Primer for all surfaces. I feel redundant expressing in EVERY painted furniture post to prime, especially when chalk paints make claims that no prep or priming is necessary, but often times we assume we are painting wood when in reality we are painting something fabricated..........ugh. Most of the French Provincial furniture I paint has a laminate top and drawer fronts with the body being wood.

Take the time and prime, and then you can rest knowing that your paint will adhere to whatever surface you may be painting. Think of it as an insurance policy. I used the gray tint this time, when I'm wearing my glasses and can see, I buy the white Zinsser, HA!!

For the chest itself, I applied two coats of the Waverly Chalk paint in Mineral. For the drawer fronts, I applied two coats of the Waverly Chalk paint in White. I'm really liking the Waverly chalk paints from Walmart (no this is not a sponsored post). I'm sponsor free!! I have expressed before, we have limited paint resources in our town, so I try to buy local, even if it is Walmart and JoAnn's. I want them to continue to carry Chalk Paint!! The Waverly paint is odorless, has a smooth finish, and dries quickly. It is inexpensive (cheap) and comes in lots of great colors (cheerful). About two hours after the second coat of chalk paint dried, I applied a thin coat of the Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish. This is another product that can be purchased at Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot.

While the paint was drying, I soaked the hardware in hot Dawn dish soap and gave it a good scrubbing. When it was clean and dry, I gussied it up with a bit of Rub and Buff in Grecian Gold. I could write a whole post on this stuff, maybe I will. You can purchase it at Hobby Lobby, it does have an odor and if you don't wear gloves you will be sorry. Seriously, it's great for spiffing up anything and everything that needs a little zing. It comes in several golds, a silver, and a bronze.

Voila!! I hope you have enjoyed this furniture makeover. Tune in next Monday as I share something other than French Provincial furniture, perhaps a chair or maybe even an easy ottoman. Please know I welcome your questions and comments, and always appreciate your checking in.

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