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Honest Review of Walmart Pickup

Hopefully I have conveyed my desire to be helpful and encouraging when it comes to things I

share on my blog. Let's be honest, life can be busy and complicated, so whenever one can share a helpful hint or life hack in order to make someone's life a bit easier, I think it is important to do so, which leads me to this more lengthy than normal post.........

Let me first say, this content was not at all what I intended to share today. However, while I was fetching my groceries, I couldn't help thinking how convenient it is that I sat at my computer this morning while drinking coffee, ordered my groceries online, which took all of 10 minutes, I then left my house at 12:55pm, drove to Walmart, loaded my groceries and was home by 1:10pm. For months I had rejected the idea of ordering online, but the Christmas season rolled around and I found myself making daily trips to the store, which was wasting precious time and energy. While I was skeptical at first, I felt like I needed to give it "a whirl". While I was ordering I had thoughts like, "What if the perishables have a short date?" "What if they stick me with the browning bananas?" "What if they substitute?" The list went on and on . I didn't have the highest of hopes, but once I quickly picked up my groceries, arrived home and inspected everything, I thought, "Where have you been all my life??"

I'm not going to bore you with how to set up an account with Walmart, because it's easy and only involves an email, password and credit cart (just like all other accounts). Next up you choose your store and reserve a time. This morning at 7:00 I was able to reserve the 12:00-1:00pm pickup. As I'm typing this at 2:00pm, I noticed that there are no time slots left for today. The last one is at 10:00pm. My tip on this is to order in the morning for same day or in the evening for the following day.

So now that you have an account, a store and a reserved time, it's time to shop!! You can type in anything in the search engine and add it to your cart. I have purchased toiletries, cleaning products, cat food, etc. You type it in, add to your cart and continue shopping. Easy Peasy!! As you can see above, they keep items that you frequently buy in your Favorites. My tip is to always click on favorites before you check out to see if you have missed anything. When you are finished shopping you just proceed to check out.

At this point, even though I don't have a picture of it, they will give you a certain amount of time that you can go in and edit your order. This feature is extremely helpful if you have forgotten something. However, depending on how soon you are picking up, that window can be small. Today I had until 8:00am to make additions or cancel a product.

Once you have submitted your order, you will receive a confirmation via email that looks like the picture above.

When your order is ready for pick up, you will receive an email that looks like this. When you arrive at automated pick up, you will scan this bar code.

How convenient is this??

So as you are collecting your goods, you can send items back if need be. IF there is a substitution, the screen will let you know and if you don't want to keep, you can return at this point. When I have returned an item, I have received credit with an email notification.

The two pictures above show a regular refrigerated bin and then a frozen food.

Once you have collected your batches of groceries (I usually have two) and press finish, this message appears.

I think it is important to share a few pictures of some perishables I purchased today in case you have concerns about short dates.

I think it's rather obvious that I am a huge fan of Walmart Pickup and use it frequently. It's not only convenient, but I find l spend less on groceries because I'm not in the store just grabbing what looks good. We throw less food away, because I only purchase what is on the list. I not only save money, but also time! I have only had good experiences and no this is not a sponsored post. Maybe I'm just late to the party and you have been utilizing store pickup for a long time??? If so, what store do you shop and why do you like their pickup??

As always, thank you for stopping by and I hope you will check in again soon!!!

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