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Hot Pickled Shrimp

The weather here in Texas has thankfully turned warm and sunny. I welcome the longer days with evenings spent dining on the patio. The change in seasons inspires me to make recipes that are versatile and incorporate lighter foods. Because shrimp has a mild flavor, it accommodates a wide variety of different seasonings and trimmings. With a bag of shrimp, the possibilities are endless!!

Years ago (at least 25), I copied a Hot Pickled Shrimp recipe out of a cookbook that belonged to a friend. I'm pretty sure it was a small town church cookbook, but I can't recall the town or the title. Over the years, I made adjustments to the original recipe to suit our liking. This is one of those recipes that is safe to adjust to your preference, you can't mess it up!


  • 1 lb. medium size boiled and shelled shrimp

  • 1 yellow onion sliced

  • 1/2 jar of sliced jalapeños with juice (can substitute 4 fresh chopped)

  • 1 pkg. cherry tomatoes, halved

  • 1/2 cup salad oil

  • 1/4 cup olive oil

  • 4 fresh limes, juiced

  • salt to taste

  • course ground pepper to taste

Thaw and shell the shrimp. If you have fresh shrimp available that's great, but most people like myself do not. Fresh or frozen matters not. This is approximately a 3 lb. bag that I purchased from Sam's, so my recipe will be tripled.

Rinse shrimp well and lay out on paper towels while you slice tomatoes and onions.

In an airtight container, mix together all ingredients and marinate shrimp overnight.

Serve with crackers for an appetizer. If you are not using appetizer plates, you will want to have a small bowl available where people can discard the tails.

On a bed of lettuce as a salad.

On toast or a bun as a sandwich.

During the warmer months, I frequently make this dish and we eat on it for several days. It's a crowd pleaser as an appetizer and is easily doubled or even tripled!!

I hope you will try this easy and versatile recipe. Do you have a favorite shrimp dish? If so, please leave in the comments as I am always looking to try new recipes. As always, thank you for stopping by and I hope you will check in again soon!!

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