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How To Keep Hydrangeas From Wilting

Hydrangeas have long since been my go-to flower. They are relatively inexpensive, come in a variety of colors, and can be found in your local grocery store. We don't have a Trader Joe's here, so I usually buy mine at Albertson's, as unfortunately we can't grow them.

Their big blooms are perfect for mixing with other less substantial flowers, like tulips. They are also versatile in that they look great in a tall vase, or in smaller arrangements.

I used to buy a bouquet and pray I got a good one that would actually last. I really did believe it was a "hit or miss" type of situation, until I was talking with a Master Gardner, and she mentioned dipping the cut stems into Alum before arranging them.

The stems are tough and woody, so best to cut with a sharp knife just above one of the bumpy parts (such a technical term, Ha!!).

When the stems are cut, they tend to form a sap like coating on the ends that keeps them from absorbing water, which is what makes them wilt.

By dipping the stem into water first.......

And then the Alum, which is actually used for pickling, the stem isn't able to form that sappy coating that keeps them from absorbing the water.

Whenever they start to droop, just cut an inch above the last cut, stick in Alum, and enjoy your blooms for weeks to come!!

Did I happen to mention that Blue Hydrangeas are my favorite??

By the way, you can purchase Alum at most grocery stores. Do you love Hydrangeas as much as I do?? What is your go-to flower??

Thank you for checking in!! Hope you have a great week!!

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