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Indoor Fall Decor

I heard on the news this morning that today is officially the last day of summer, so I guessed it was time to get busy and share some fall decorations. I started to title this post Fall Home Tour, but honestly, I'm not sure the number of decorations that I have out constitutes a tour. We have a home project on the horizon, and for me, dust and decorations just don't mix!! Also, thanks to Carona Virus, I will not be having my annual costume party or any other functions for that matter. I'm not as motivated to decorate without a party to look forward to. As everyone starts sharing their decor, I may change my mind and add more fun things, but for now, I am keeping it pretty simple.

Most of my fall decorations are Halloween themed. I didn't set out for it to be that way, however, I do love the holiday. I have fond childhood memories of getting off the school bus to find our house all decked out with ghosts, goblins, cats, pumpkins, and all things black and orange. There is no pressure or rules when decorating for Halloween, it's all good. You can make things as campy as you like, as long as it's fun and perhaps a bit spooky!!

Living Room

Dining Room


Entry Hall

Powder Room



I hope you have enjoyed these fall decorations. Next week I will share my outdoor decor. If you would like to look at some decor from last year, you can do so here. Have you decorated for fall yet????? Hope you have a spooktacular day!



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