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One Room Challenge: Week One

Today is the day!! I'm super excited and a little nervous to be participating in the Fall 2020 One Room Challenge (ORC). If you are new to the ORC, it is a six-week event that fosters creativity and inspiration with a forum for support and encouragement while participants transform a room. Better Homes and Gardens magazine is the official media sponsor for this fun event that takes place in the Spring and Fall of each year. The participants include featured designers and guest participants. This is my first time to join in the fun as a guest participant.

If you are new to my website, I am Julie, a mother of two and an empty nester. I was a Home Economics and Business Major in college and worked in the corporate food industry until I married and moved to Texas. I live with my husband, Lovey, in what was once a horse barn. I enjoy sewing, painting, cooking, gardening, and working in my antique booth. I love older homes and I am especially drawn to cozy, time-worn interiors.

In addition to my website, you can follow me on instagram@ lemon_tree_home_by_julie

and on Pinterest (no underscore).

When a friend suggested that I participate in the ORC, I was flattered, but not sure I was up to the challenge of transforming a room in just six weeks. Over the course of the last 22 years, we have done lots of work on our house, but for some unknown reason, the kitchen has been somewhat neglected. After much consideration, I realized a limited time frame could serve as a great motivator, and six weeks is doable to tackle the kitchen updates that I have been considering for the last couple of years.

Let's begin with a tour........

About ten years ago we updated our Formica countertops to the blue granite and replaced a stainless sink with the farmhouse sink pictured.

Last year I did repaint the cabinets and replaced the silver hardware with brass.

The white paint and wallpaper have remained the same for all these years.

My selections will be chosen around the blue granite.........

This mural...........

And this pale gray ceramic tile floor.

View into the dining room, which is painted, Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore.

The view into the hallway where the laundry room is located behind the door.

This is the real view as honestly, I rarely close the door!!

As I stated earlier, I will be keeping the granite, the mural, and tile flooring, so all selections will need to work well with those three elements.

As soon as I signed up for the ORC, I ordered lots of fabric and wallpaper samples and gathered too many paint chips to count.

Next week I will share the finalized design plan for the room, including fabrics, paint colors, a couple of new light fixtures, and big plans for the orange brick wall. I know you have been thinking, "Please address the ugly orange brick", I too have been thinking the same thing for a couple of years now. I'm feeling grateful for this event and the motivation to move forward on a project that is long overdue. I would love for you to follow my progress each week, so in hopes to see you then!

Be sure to visit the other guests participating in the Fall 2020 ORC, there will be lots of wonderful makeovers to follow along with!!

ORC Media Sponsor: Better Homes and Gardens magazine

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