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Outdoor Fall Decor

Happy Monday friends!! I can't believe that it is already the fifth of October. The temperature has cooled off here, the trees are beginning to lose their leaves, and I feel like we are truly in the throes of fall. I'm sure this month will fly by in the same fashion as recent months.

I didn't do just a ton of outdoor decorating this year, but I thought I would share with you what little bit I did manage to accomplish. As much as I love mums, I bought very few as they just don't last in the Texas heat. I did find some wonderful cabbages at a local nursery, and I don't mind investing in those as they do tend to last through the winter. I did find some neat pumpkins at a local nursery and at Walmart.

I was able to find cornstalks this year at Lowes, so I put those on either side of our front entrance. Any decorations I put up there take a full beating from the sun, wind, and rain, so I keep it pretty simple.

While hardly anyone ever comes to our front door, I still feel the need to put a little something out to make it feel festive. An older wreath and some artificial pumpkins are the extent of it for this year.

Most of the outdoor decor is focused on the side entrance, simply because it gets the most use! And as you will see in the pictures, in typical Halloween fashion, I like it to be somewhat campy. We have a few little people in our lives, and they get a kick out of my big ceramic pumpkin and my crazy pillows. The SMU pumpkin and mustang are a nod to one of our favorite teams and football season, although I doubt we get to attend any games.....thank you Covid for robbing us of one more favorite pastime!

Unfortunately, that's it for the outdoor decor this year. I know it's minimalistic, but if you have not yet decorated outdoors, maybe this will give you a nudge to do so. It's such an enjoyable time of year to be outside and soak up all of the goodness a change of season has to offer.

On a completely different note, I am participating in this year's Fall One Room Challenge. I will be giving our kitchen a bit of a refresh over the course of the next six weeks. Honestly, I am nervous, not so much about the process, but abiding by all the guidelines in the technology department. Let's just say I'm far from tech-savvy. Anywho, I hope you will follow along, beginning this upcoming Thursday.

Until Thursday, thank you for stopping by and enjoy your week!!


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