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Plate Edging Patio Project

The weather this past weekend was gorgeous, which meant we spent the days digging, planting and pruning. I'm by no means a master gardener, but it is in my blood. At an early age, my mother and grandmother instilled a love for flowers and all things green, consequently, I have been digging in the dirt for as long as I can remember.

I apologize for this picture. The sun was not to my advantage at the time this photo was taken. Anywho, while working in the yard, we removed some dead shrubs from this area, which left this bed looking like a dirt hole. While I was tempted to rush out and buy fresh plants, the wiser part of me realized that I have missed the window of opportunity to plant anything flowering, as we are headed into hot temperatures with limited amounts of rainfall. Anything I would really want to plant at this point would most likely be a waste of money. The summers in Texas are brutal. Without new plants, my options were limited. Not that my creative process has rhyme or reason to it, but my limitations brought a stack of old plates to mind.

I gathered them and laid them all out as I thought it might be cute to create decorative edging with them. These plates are either chipped or found at a garage sale, so they are not expensive.

I started by digging about an inch and a half down. Luckily the ground was soft, so this was not a difficult task. I placed the dish in the ground, and then packed the loose dirt around it.

While the plates were pretty secure with just the dirt, I decided to reinforce them by placing some brick pavers behind them. I had plenty leftover from an old project, so I was able to equally space them between every plate.

I slightly overlapped on each plate.

I used a total of 13 plates.

It took me just over an hour to get every plate situated and secure. I think it turned out pretty cute, however, I may go back and dig deeper so the plates are sitting a little further down in the dirt. I may also go back in and plant some sweet potato vine as it spreads and likes the Texas heat. I am curious to know what you think, leave it, or dig a deeper trench?? Yay or nay on the sweet potato vine??

Thank you for checking in. I hope you will visit again tomorrow as I share more of our patio and backyard.

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