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Pretty Plate Walls

A couple of months ago, I shared a picture of one of the plate walls in my dining room. I received so many nice comments and direct messages, I thought I would share today some images from Pinterest that inspired me when creating my own plate walls. Honestly, with the exception of our bathrooms (for now), I have plates hanging in every room. I'm a dish collector through and through.

When Lovey and I were newly married, I hung a collection of plates over our headboard in our bedroom. A friend of mine asked me of all the things I could hang over our bed, why plates? Truth be told, at the time, that was all I had in the way of wall art. I used what I had, which was a lot of antique, mismatched, plates, and platters from two grandmothers. While it didn't make decorating sense to my friend, I liked it and to this day, I still think it looked good. I have long given up the notion that there are hard and fast decorating "rules". If you like it, collect it, or have an abundance of it, hang it as your art of choice.


Holly Mathis Interiors

Krill Istomin

Eye For Design

Image from Hannah Puechmarin

Cathy Kincaid as featured in Veranda



On Sutton Place

One of my favorites, also by Krill Istomin

My Dining Room

Also in our Dining Room. Please excuse the glare, it is not the easiest room to photograph!

In my husband's Hunt Room. I may re-work this arrangement, with maybe less space in between plates? It's a challenging space thanks to the oversized television...sigh.

In our Entry Hall

Obviously I gravitate toward blue and white and transferware, but as shown in the pictures from Pinterest, you can use all color combinations or even all white!!

I hope these pictures have inspired you to use what you have and love for wall art. Thank you for stopping by today!!



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