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Sunroom Progress: Bookcase Refresh with Blue Painted Backs

Last week I shared about how we had some water damage in our sunroom bay window and ended up tearing out the window seat to create more of a work space that could accommodate a full size desk. If you want to read that post, just click here.

When they painted the new the trim, the bookshelves stood out like a sore thumb. They looked yellowed and tired. The last time we painted this room, we must have neglected to give them a fresh coat of paint. I can't imagine, but stranger things have happened. The longer I looked at them the more I knew I couldn't ignore what needed to be done. We had the white trim paint on hand, so there was no reason not to repaint them. I was not enthusiastic about repainting, but then I remembered this picture on Pinterest that recently piqued my interest.

If you choose to pin this inspirational picture, please do so through their site.

Something about the blue-gray backs of these shelves made the accessories pop and added warmth to the room. This was just the look that I wanted.

Here is what the bookcase looked like right before I emptied it. This is one of those places like the garage or laundry room, it is kind of a "catch all" and somewhat of a struggle to keep straight.

With fabric samples in hand, I headed to the paint store. I wanted to pick a blue from my fabrics, but also one that would look good with the white trim and also compliment the wall color. I decided on Ben Moore Northern Air (1676) in satin.

After I dusted and wiped down the bookcases, I painted the backs first with the blue paint. Through trial and error, I discovered that the second coat of the blue paint needs to be applied after the second coat of the white paint. You live and learn!

I used this brush for the backs of the shelves. It is perfect for creating a straight paint line and cutting into those corners where the two different paint colors meet. I purchased it at Lowes.

Messy paint can alert!! All white trim in our house, including the bookcases are painted with this Ben Moore paint in Silver Lining, which is a Pratt and Lambert color.

Two days and two coats of paint later, the bookcases have a crisp new look. There are a few shelves that I need to tweak, but for the most part, this part of the sunroom update is finished. When I replaced the books, I grouped them according to color. Do you think it makes for a more cohesive look??

Thank you for checking in. Later in the week I will be sharing more of the sunroom updates!!

What projects have you been working on?

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