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Table Makeover Using Chalk Paint and a Iron Orchid Designs Transfer

Let me say I'm sorry I have not shared more progress on the armchair tutorial. While it is close to being finished, my pneumatic staple gun has not been cooperating. Thinking I can get back to that in a couple of weeks, I'm so sorry for the delay.

Anywho, today I'm sharing this table that I bought for $10 at Goodwill.

I decided to simply clean up the top and paint the base with chalk paint.

The best way I found to camouflage minor scratches and imperfections is to use Old English scratch cover. It is made in two shades, one for lighter wood and this one that I use for darker woods. I remember my grandmother always having this product on's been around that long and it is tried and true!! You can purchase it at your local Walmart or grocery store.

If you have read many of my makeover post, you know I love this product. I recognize the claims that chalk paint make, but so often it's hard to know if you are painting real wood or just a material that looks like wood. Using this primer first is an insurance policy that your paint will adhere to your piece of furniture. This product also comes in white and can be bought at Walmart.

Here is what the table looks like with one coat of primer. I let it dry about an hour and a half before I applied the first coat of chalk paint.

Because it is Spring and I have been itching to paint something green, I painted the base in Waverly Fern. It was pretty bright so I decided to darken it up a bit with wax. I added a clear coat of wax followed by dark wax. To best control the darkness, I worked in sections. This method just works best for me.

This is just the chalk paint.

Finish with one coat of clear wax.

Finish with dark wax.

This is what the transfer looks like when you take it out of the tube. The grid makes it easy to figure out where to cut. I did pay $24.95 for the tube at a local paint store, but I have lots of lemons left over to use on other projects.

For the transfer, I cut out the section of lemons that I wanted, taped it into place and followed the instructions on the tube. The package includes a handy plastic tool that makes this process easy peasy!

Here is a close up of the Lemon Drop transfer. For some reason the table top looks like it has a lot of imperfections, but it really doesn't in person??? My photography skills are a work in progress!!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you will check back in soon for other home decor inspiration.

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