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Week 7: One Room Challenge

Welcome back for week seven of the ORC, Fall 2020 edition. As mentioned in my post two weeks ago, the powers that be have extended the deadline to Sunday, November 29th. I also shared that due to some delays, I planned on taking full advantage of the extra two weeks. I apologize for not sharing last week, but unfortunately, there was not any progress to share. While I have a little progress to share this week, I am still waiting on the light fixture that goes over my sink, and also one other brass accessory that I think will be a great decorative and practical addition.

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One of the big changes I have to share this week is the custom shades that I made for the two new brass light fixtures. Let me refresh your memory on the fixture that was hanging over the island before.

There was nothing wrong with this light fixture, but in an effort for things to be lighter, and brighter, I felt like the black iron was just too heavy. I considered painting it, but could never decide on a color. I ended up replacing it with this simple brass fixture.

I was not a fan of the frosted glass globes, so I customized two inexpensive shades from Walmart. I will share in a future post the step by step process. Let's just say while it was not hard, it was a labor of love. I now have a great appreciation for why custom shades cost as much as they do.

I am really pleased with the way they turned out and look forward to trying my hand at another pair sometime soon.

If you recall, I shared the addition of this brass wall sconce a couple of weeks ago.

Again, the plain white shade was not working for me, so I recovered this one as well.

In the last couple of weeks, I also added this runner to the area in front of the cooktop and moved the small rug that was in front of the sink over by the door that goes out to our patio.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the remaining items to come in before the final post. I'm pleased with the transformation thus far and I have enjoyed being part of an enthusiastic, decorating community. I'm looking forward to completing this project and moving on to decorating for Christmas.

To view other participants and featured designers, check out the official ORC Website.

There are so many great transformations to follow. A special thanks to Better Homes and Gardens for being the main media sponsor.

Thank you for stopping by!!


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