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Fall Living Room Decor and Launch of my new site!!

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

It may not feel like fall in Texas, but inside our home it is at least beginning to look like fall.

I'm embracing the colors of orange, brown, golden yellow and even black. While black is not one of my "go to" colors for seasonal decorating, one can not give Halloween its due without

a healthy dose of black.

While I enjoy "changing up" my home, I'm not a big fan of always having to buy something new. I like to use what I already have on hand to display my seasonal decor.

I like blue and white and this generously sized foot bath is perfect for pumpkins, gourds, kale, or whatever you have in your foliage stash. A larger container with whatever you have on hand, or what you may have out in your yard, is a cheap and cheerful way to add style to a coffee table, dining room table, or any piece of furniture that calls for a larger scale accessory. When you see this container at Christmas, I promise it will look totally different.


     I enjoy decorating with older, gathered pieces that have a memory or some sort of meaning attached.  I love this black cat.  It was the first Halloween decoration I bought when I was a newlywed 27 years ago.  The cat's face reminds me of my husband's (Mr. O) face when he learned that we would be decorating for Halloween!

I like to decorate with collected pieces that evoke a feeling or a memory. I love this cat. He was the first decoration I bought when I was newly married 27 years ago (it's practically an antique)!! His face reminds me of my husband's reaction when I told him we had to dress up and decorate for Halloween! We didn't have children then, so he didn't see the point. After years of marriage, he now has respect for my "decorating mania" (his words, not mine).


The owls and the cat girl were given to me by my best friend of 25 years. I always look forward to our tradition of exchanging seasonal gifts. The bats are at least 5 years old. I bought them from the Martha Stewart collection that JoAnn's used to carry. I have seen similar ones on Amazon and I have seen the templates (for free) online. I attach them with

the blue painter's tape so they come off easily and don't take the paint with them.


Thank you for joining me on my new site and please stay tuned while I add touches of fall to other areas of our home. Do you have any Fall decorations or traditions that evoke memories for you?? If so, I would love to see a picture or hear your story.



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