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When Halloween Comes To Town

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Today is October first. Goodbye September , you were hot and hard ( because of the heat) and I'm not sad to see you go.

We have been empty nesters now for two years. For some reason, Mr. L my husband, thought we would no longer be decorating for Halloween once our children were out of the house. I'm not sure where he came up with such a CRAZY idea, because in Texas, October means ALL things Halloween. I so enjoy the decorations, the costumes, the trick or treaters,

and of course the handing out of the candy. With every tradition and decoration, I feel the joys of the season come to life!


When all else fails, gather several things and place them on an old bread board in the center of the island. These McKenzie Childs pumpkins work anywhere!

While this picture is not the greatest, I spend LOTS of time at our kitchen sink, which is right below this window. It's a great place to look out on to the back patio, but it's also a prime decorating spot!!


This is actually our centerpiece on our dining room table. This goose was a birthday present from a dear friend. He gets a seasonal "lift" four times a year. I sit him on a silver tray so he is easy to move about when we have company over for dinner. Isn't he cute??

We call him Honker!!


This is just a simple addition to a cloche. Sometimes at the end of the decoration journey, you put the leftovers under a cloche, add some lights and call it a day!!

And last, but not least. This little guy. He's one of my favorites. Given to me by a dear friend. Pretty sure he came from TJ Max. On a tray with a couple of other accessories, he makes a Halloween Statement.


I hope you have enjoyed a few of our Halloween Decorations. If you decorate for Halloween, I would love for you to share your pictures!! Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned for my OUTDOOR Decorations!!!



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1 Comment

Julie S. Olmstead
Julie S. Olmstead
Oct 07, 2020

Love this Holiday Post!

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