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After the Season 2021 Christmas Home Tour

Yesterday, I sat down at my computer to make a Valentines Decor post, and discovered that my scheduled Christmas Home Tour post never posted. YIKES!!! Of course I would love to blame it on Wix, but honestly it was operator error as usual. Please forgive me, and even though it's January 2022, I hope you can still enjoy these pictures. If anything, maybe this "after the fact" post can encourage us all to keep Christmas in our hearts longer, as in all through this upcoming New Year.

Radko Garland in the Living Room

Vintage Tabletop Tree in the Dining Room

Kitchen window tree with Radio Fruit Ornaments

Bough over stove top

Kitchen Island arrangement

Sun Room Mantel

Hunt Room Decor with MacKenzie Childs

Master Bedroom Decor

Thank you for checking in. I know it's been a while. With the death of my father, 2021 was not my best. I hope to and look forward to connecting more in 2022. Blessings to all for the upcoming new year!!



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