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Ratan Chair Makeover: Part One

Several weeks ago, I scored a pair of these Ratan chairs at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. I was drawn to the curved lines, the cane back, and the fact that the size is one that would work anywhere. Two things I did not care for was the upholstery and the coloring of the wood. The picture doesn't really show it well, but the wood had a lot of orange in it, which in my opinion really dates furniture. I'm not a huge fan of hand brushing furniture, so I decided to try something a little different this time around.

Enter the Rust-Oleum spray paint, please excuse the shadows. This is not just any spray paint, it sprays smoother, more evenly, and is more durable than any other paint I have ever used. I bought mine at Walmart, but I have also seen it at Lowes and Home Depot.

With a drill, I removed the seat cushion, and then gave each chair a good wipe down with warm soapy water.

I painted the underneath of the chairs first. I waited about an hour, and then sat them upright and sprayed the first coat on the front of the chairs. I repeated the process until I had applied two coats, again waiting about an hour in between each coat. I apologize for the lack of pictures, but I ran out of light, and not that I would recommend it, but I finished them literally in the dark with our outside lamps on.

Spoiler alert....... this picture shows the finished product with the new seat. I am so pleased with how the chairs turned out. While I usually spray a primer, and then hand brush, this was so much easier using the primer and paint in one. The only draw back to using the Rust-Oleum is the color limitations, so no I will not be able to use this product on every chair makeover.

I will share how I reupholstered the cushion in a future post, but until then, I hope you have a great start to this short week!



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