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Cheap and Cheerful Spring Party Favor

I'm in charge of a birthday luncheon tomorrow, and I find that this time of year can be tricky when it comes to decorations, themes, etc. It's still cold, it's February, after Valentine's Day, Easter is still almost 2 months away, so I found myself on the decorating struggle bus for the party favors for this upcoming luncheon.

Thankfully, it's at a restaurant and not my home, so some festive party favors can serve as the table decorations. Easter may be 7 weeks away, but I think we are all hoping Spring is just around the corner. With this thought in mind, I decided to go all in on a Spring Party Favor.

Items Needed:

  • Small potted plant or flower

  • inexpensive container

  • spray paint (optional)

  • decorative tissue paper

  • ribbon

  • post a notes (optional)

  • easter grass (optional)

  • glue gun

I found these buttercups for $1 each at Walmart in the garden department.

I decided to use these containers as honestly, I already had them on hand and they seemed like the perfect size for the flower. They came from Hobby Lobby a while back, which means they were either on sale or I used my mobile coupon.

This step is optional. I had this paint on hand in Ballet Slipper and I wasn't loving the craft brown of the containers, so I painted them. It was a nice day and a good excuse to be outside!!

I found this tissue paper and post a notes also at Walmart. At $.98 each I thought the post a notes would be a nice addition. Who doesn't need a cute post a note in their life?? I know I must go through thousands a year.

I gathered all the goods and began to assemble.

Cut the tissue paper in half and then fold in half.

Place the tissue paper half into the container.

Add flower and then also Easter grass (if you need it).

Cut the ribbon in equal lengths to go around each container.

I bought this ribbon at JoAnn's Fabrics.

Wrap ribbon around container, tie in a bow, secure with a couple of dots of hot glue.

I had envisioned attaching the post a note on the outside of the container with the slimmer ribbon, but it just didn't work. It was too I slipped it inside the container.

Overall, these party favors cost me around $5 each. Thinking they could even serve as a party favor for Easter lunch. I have used this same concept before with it just me or do you love a "living" treat???? Thank you for visiting my site. PLEASE feel free to leave your feedback, you DO have to sign in first. PLEASE know I am new to blogging and I value your input. Blessings!!!!!

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