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Christmas Home Tour: Living Room

Yesterday I posted an Instagram post of my dining room table decked out for a small Christmas/Birthday gathering and I received several sweet messages requesting pictures of other rooms in my home. I'm flattered by the interest and I have missed blogging for the last couple of weeks, so I thought today would be a good day to get back to share some of my Christmas Decor. I do feel like I'm a little late in sharing according to the blogging world, but honestly, it has taken me longer to decorate this year. I was having difficulty manifesting the mood.

Before I share pictures, let me say the decor I have has been collected for over thirty years, and most of the pieces were gifts or I bought at cost when I worked in a high-end gift and decorative store.

The garland and the trees are decorated with Radko ornaments, vintage balls that belonged to my grandmother, and some blue and white home-made balls.

Here is what it looks like all lit up. It's typically the first area I tackle, and the last I takedown. Each ornament reminds me of a special someone or event that took place.

I used to display all my Santas in one spot, but over the years I have enjoyed creating different vignettes all about the house.

I just spotted a pair of my glasses in this photo, ha!! Truth be told, they are strewn all around my house as I can't see a thing without them. Anywho, I bought a couple of containers of this fluffy snow a few years ago, and I love the way it adds warmth and texture to an otherwise cold, silver tray. You can literally use it anywhere.

I like to create small boughs with leftover greenery to add above pictures and mirrors.

A wreath and some festive ribbon is a simple way to add a Christmas touch to any piece of furniture.

I just recently purchased this secretary. I have had my eye on it for three years. I made the seller a ridiculous offer, and she accepted, Merry Christmas to me!! Again, a few leftover greens and some plaid ribbon is a simple and inexpensive way to add a holiday touch.

Thank you for stopping by! As always, I hope what I share is helpful and in some small way inspiring. Please visit again soon as I continue to share more Christmas Decor including a simple and inexpensive holiday party favor and how I use candy canes as cheap and cheerful decor throughout the house!



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