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Creating a Table Square or "Topper" for a Round Table

A couple of weeks ago on Instagram, I shared fabric swatches that I was considering for our sunroom refresh.

I ended up choosing the large print from Robert Allen along with the blue and white ticking stripe. I haven't committed to a third fabric yet, although I probably will. That being said, I'm keeping the sofa and chair fabrics neutral and just using these fabrics as accents in the way of pillows, table topper, and a slipcover for our window seat.

This round table is skirted in a linen all year round, however I switch out the toppers a couple of times a year according to the season. In the fall I added this darker navy and linen check from Hobby Lobby and at Christmas I used an old plaid stadium blanket as the topper. It's an easy and inexpensive way to change things up.

This table is 40" inches round and 30" tall. When making a table square or topper for a round table, you need to consider the diameter of the table plus the amount of the drop you want. I decided I wanted about an 8" drop (pretty standard), so I took the diameter of the table 40" plus 8"x 2=56". I also knew I wanted to hem the edges (unlike the topper above), so I added 1/2" seam allowance to all 4 sides, so I measured out and cut my fabric square 58". There are other more complicated equations if you want it to hang evenly around the table, but that is not the look I was going for with this simple method.

I turned under and ironed the hem in place on the four sides.

With a stitch length of 2.5, I sewed the hem into place on the right side of the fabric. If you don't have a sewing machine, you could always leave the edges raw or secure them with some fabric glue.

A little side note, more expensive fabrics will have an arrow that will show you which way is up. This is helpful when it comes to bold or busy patterns.

Because I don't have a piece of glass yet for this table, I sprayed a light coat of Scotchgard on the topper.

And here is the new table topper. Again, this is the simple method where it hangs uneven around the table rather than at one consistent length. My future plans include making pillows out of this same fabric, possibly a lighter colored skirt for this table, making a slipcover for the window seat and more pillows out of the new fabrics. I do hope you will check in again as I share progress on our sunroom refresh. If you are interested in the fabric, you can find it here.

The upside to social distancing is more time to work on home projects such as this!! What projects are you working on to keep yourself busy??

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