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Give An Old Chair New Life With a Monogram!

I must admit, I tend to be a bit manic when it comes to monograms. They really are the perfect way to make something super simple a little bit more special. We usually see

designs that consist of one initial or two/three combined initials. Regardless, a monogram is always a thoughtful touch. That being said, why should monograms be limited to just towels, accessories and apparel? If design is in the details, why not add a monogram to your home

furnishings, like a chair?


A while back, I was inspired by this picture that I came across on Pinterest. The chair is designed by the very talented Katie Kime. If you haven't ever looked at her work, you should. Her use of bold colors and fun patterns is genius. While this style may not "suit your fancy", you can still get some fun and fresh ideas on her site @

( No, this is not a sponsored post).


I had this tired chair that has needed attention for a long time. I had been dragging my feet as I just couldn't make up my mind the look I wanted for it. Decisions, Decisions. I had

purchased the linen fabric, but it just seemed so dull. Enter Pinterest and Katie Kime's chair.

I took the fabric to the monogram shop......the first letter belongs to Mr. L, my husband. Some ladies prefer their initial to come first in their "married monogram", but I prefer my husband's. Either is acceptable. While I could have recovered the chair myself, and maybe should have, I took it to a new upholstery shop. The monogram could have been centered an inch or two higher, and I may re-do it myself one day, but for now I'm living with it. Yes, it's less than perfect, but I like it and am living with it (for now at least).


Here is another old chair I decided to "save". This time I cross stitched a single "O" on a piece of bleached drop cloth and recovered the seat with one of my all time fabrics,

Bowood by Colefax and Fowler.


Where would you include a monogram chair in your home?? While mine are in a sun room and living room, I'm thinking I would like to add one to my bathroom. Is the Machine Monogram or the Cross Stitch style your taste??

Thank you for stopping by. I hope I have inspired you to give an old chair new life with

a monogram of your choosing!!


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