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My First Round Top Experience: Part One

You may be wondering, "What in the world is Round Top?" Round Top is a city in Texas with a population of 90. Three times a year, it hosts a large antique fair that features country, Americana, and European country and formal furniture, and accessories. Each show lasts a week and is considered to be one of the best antique shows in the nation. The fair includes the town of Burton where there are 100 vendors, Carmine with 500+ vendors, Round Top with 1000+ vendors, Warrenton with 1000+ vendors, and Fayetteville with the amount of vendors unknown. These cities are on HWY 237, which is located between Austin and Houston. Because the Spring show was canceled(COVID), they had a Pop-Up mini show. While this show was NOTHING compared to the big shows, it was perfect for newbies like me to get the lay of the land.

This is the first place we stopped in Warrenton. The barn alone was something to see. They have beautiful European furniture. While it was out of my price range, it was fun to look.

Also in Warrenton, is The Bull Market. They have everything from salvaged French panel doors to mid-century modern furniture, crystal chandeliers, outdoor furniture and monuments. Their inventory is endless. This picture I obtained from their website, but the following pictures I took, with permission.

The Bull Market is open year-round. To read more about them and see more pictures of their gorgeous furnishings, visit them on Facebook.

Don't let the outside fool you, McLaren's has a vast collection of antique and reclaimed industrial, architectural and contemporary furniture and accessories from all over the world.

I did make one small purchase here. McLaren's is open year-round and can also be found on Facebook.

The next three pictures are from Leftover Antiques. They have a store in Brenham, which is where we stayed, but they also have this space in Round Top. You can read more about them

Their displays are amazing.

Block Seventeen is located in downtown Round Top. They have about 20 vendors with everything from jewelry to linen apparel to antiques.

Block Seventeen is more of a high-end retail experience rather than an antique hunt.

I retrieved both of these photos from the Market Hill Website. Vendors with antiques, furniture, art, and one-of-a-kind curiosities flank either side of the famous Paul Michael Company. And if you are not familiar with Paul Michael, you should be!! His stores are an experience that I could write multiple blog posts about. Market Hill is open on the weekends year-round.

I hope you have enjoyed just a smidgen of what Round Top has to offer. Are you curious about Round Top? Please check back in tomorrow when I will share my purchases and favorite store. I still have the most unique spot to share!!

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