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Antique Secretary Refresh

Back in the December, as an early Christmas present for myself, I bought an antique secretary. If you are interested in reading that post, you can do so here.

I loved the way it was styled during the holidays, but when the Christmas decor and greenery came down, the piece went flat.

Don't get me wrong, I still loved the piece, but I knew it needed something. I considered painting the back a nice shade of blue, much like I did our sunroom shelves.

But I wanted something less permanent and something that would not compromise the integrity of the furniture.

I considered lots of different wallpaper options, but honestly all the ones I really liked would have cost $100 for a roll, and that was too much money and paper for such a small project. I was looking for a cheap and cheerful option when I came across this wrapping paper. At $14 for four sheets, I was sold. The paper took just under a week to arrive.

I tried to share a picture from the website, but it came through very fuzzy. It is a dark and dreary day here, so this is not a great picture. The color is actually more of a French blue, not a slate color.

I began by removing all the contents and shelves and gave the inside a good dusting.

For mounting the paper, I bought this putty at Walmart, simply because it said removable.

Following the directions, I tore off a strip of the putty, and rolled it into little balls. I don't have a picture, but I placed putty in the top corners and the center back of the secretary.

I placed the first sheet in the top and pressed it firmly to the putty.

I made a crease with my thumbnail and trimmed the excess paper with a razor blade.

For the second piece, I measured and then cut it at the 12" mark.

I secured and trimmed the bottom piece just like I did the top piece. It's not a perfect pattern match, but I was willing to live with it.

I put the shelves back in.......

Along with most of the same plates and collectibles. I may add some more books and tweak it a bit in the near future, but in an effort to finish this post, I kept things pretty basic.

I am very pleased with the way it turned out. It was just the fluff the dark back needed. As stated earlier, the paper was $14 and the putty was around $3, so this simple refresh cost less than $20. From start to finish, the project took all of about 30 minutes. Now, if only all of my projects were so easy and inexpensive........dare to dream!!!

As always, thank you for stopping by and I hope you will visit again soon. Have a Blessed Weekend!



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