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My First Round Top Experience: Part 2 (my purchases)

As promised, I am back ready to share what I bought at the Pop-Up mini antique show in Round Top, Texas. If you missed yesterday's post, you can read it here. For more information about the nation's largest antique show, visit

One thing I failed to mention yesterday, is that my shopping excursion was for The Lemon Tree Home, and not for myself. That being said, I bought things that are currently selling, some of which are not my style and would not necessarily fit well in my home. I know my market and therefore buy accordingly. There is freedom in liking many styles of decor, and not feeling the need to incorporate one of everything into your own home. Plus, It brings me joy to find unique pieces for other people with taste that is different from my own. Does that make sense?? I hope so. Anywho, on to the purchases.

Beyond all the junk and behind the walls of this building, I found wonderful things. Everything in the pictures is from Bill Moore Antiques, unless otherwise specified.

This simple galvanized trough is perfect for a flower display or a beverage tub.

These enamel pots are from Hungary and are currently a "hot" item. So many ways to incorporate into your decor. The Bamboo Shelf I purchased from a no-name dealer in a metal building.

I bought a couple of these neat watering cans as they are a good size, shape and have a nice heavier weight to them.

I bought several of these smaller round galvanized tubs. The blue and white pitcher was purchased from Imagine That in Carmine. They also have stores in High Point and Atlanta.

Sorry for the garage was too heavy for me to move by myself. This bed will be difficult for me to let go, but again, I can't keep everything I love.

This French laundry basket in another favorite. It too is from a no-name dealer and will be hard to let go. My family thinks I have an un-natural affection for baskets. Ha!

The mixing bowl is from England and was purchased at McLaren's. The large jar is from England, the cutting board a reproduction. Both from Bill Moore.

This dough bowl was purchased from the same fella that sold me the French laundry basket. I just love the handles on it. The table was purchased from Paul Michael and I think I'm going to paint the base and leave the top natural. What do you think??

That wraps up my purchases. I did keep one small item. Can you guess which one that would be????

Thank you for stopping by. I hope this post has piqued your interest to visit Round Top. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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